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Luxxtone Guitars was created in 2012 in Southern California with a singular mission: to take the best of the vintage designs from the past and meld them with modern innovations of today. Luxxtone are dedicated to producing the best, most comfortable playing guitars available, for musicians of every genre.

Luxxtone Guitars are made using only the finest quality parts and materials, coupled with their own proprietary hardware and designs. Each and every guitar is a custom creation from Master Luthier Jerry Bizon, made to feel like a worn-in extension of the player’s body and soul.

In both tone and function, Luxxtone Guitars are the ultimate tool for musical self-expression.

Luxxtone Guitars Choppa T in Seafoam Green with Floyd Rose

This Luxxtone Choppa T features an aged Seafoam Green finish over a Swamp Ash body, a Roasted Flame Maple neck, German Floyd Rose tremolo, Luxxbucker Hot and Luxxbucker Neck pickups […]

Preowned Luxxtone Guitars El Machete in Battleship Gray

This slightly preowned 2023 Luxxtone Guitars El Machete features an Battleship Gray finish over a Swamp Ash body with custom graphics, a Flame Maple neck, matching reversed headstock, Ebony fretboard, […]

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