M-tone Guitars

M-tone Guitars

Matt Proctor designs and hand builds a limited number of electric guitars each year in his Portland, Oregon workshop. Innovative shapes and finishes set M-tones apart from the electric herd. Matt trained as a sculptor and spent over 15 years making large-scale works out of steel, wood, and cast metals before turning his attention to guitar design.

Features of M-tone Guitars

  • No two guitars are exactly alike: built by hand from lumber selection to final setup
  • Every neck is hand carved until it feels exactly right
  • Perfectly balanced, innovative body shapes with compound curve cutaways
  • One-of-a-kind finishes in environmentally agreeable water-based lacquer
  • 16-gauge steel pickguards individually surfaced to complement the finish of each guitar
  • Strategically laid out aluminum position markers placed where your eye travels naturally
  • Jackbite™ shape shelters the input jack and works equally well with straight or angled plugs
  • Top notch electronics and hardware sourced from small US companies
  • Real materials = real tone: wood, steel, brass and bone, but no plastic
  • M-tones have super long sustain and are very punchy and articulate with great note separation. Clean or driven hard, they always deliver.

Matt builds guitars from a No Robots No Plastic perspective: “I like doing all the work on every guitar myself, and I think I should be the smartest thing working in my shop. There are no computers or robots helping out with any of the building. I use steel whenever possible because it sounds, looks and feels better than plastic. Steel is loaded with personality. From rusty red to dark black, every surface is different and always evolving. The more you sweat and beat on a steel pickguard, the better it looks.”

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