Paoletti Instruments was established in 2005, handcrafting guitars with 130-150 years old chestnut woods from his family’s Chianti wine barrels reserve. The Paoletti family business of producing the world-famous Chianti red wine started in the last part of 19th century by Paoletti’s great-great-grandfather in Tuscany. Thousands of liters of prestigious wine fermented for decades in the barrels built by his ancestors. Many years after that the vineyard was dismantled, dozens of barrels were recovered for Paoletti to use after discovering that it had incredible aesthetic and sonic properties. This is the story behind the Wine Series instruments, today offered in many models and played by some of today’s top artist.

Masterbuilt, handcrafted guitars made in Tuscany by acclaimed luthier Fabrizio Paoletti. Each instrument is crafted by hand to the highest quality and from the finest materials to produce a guitar exactly the way you want it to be. Rebel Guitar is an authorized Paoletti dealer.

Paoletti Guitars Stratospheric Loft SSS in Ocean Fade

Here is a Stratospheric Loft which features their signature 130-150 year old reclaimed Chestnut body, Roasted Maple neck, Pau Ferro fretboard, an aged Brass pickguard, and Paoletti singlecoil pickups. Finished […]

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