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Teye Guitars 2-Pickup Pirata Artisan ART-019

This Teye 2-pickup La Pirata features the beautiful Mahogany body and neck with a hand-engraved backplate, faceplate, pickup rings, tailpiece and switch plate. This Pirata comes with an Ebony fretboard, […]

Teye Guitars La Llama Artisan “Hooka Hey” ART-018

Teye Electric Gypsy – model La Llama Inspired by the gorgeous flame-top guitars of the past, Teye nonetheless added a little twist of his own… “La Llama” (pronounced La Dyama) […]

Teye Guitars La India Master “Pisces”

This Teye Guitars La India Master “Pisces” features the beautiful Spalted Korina body, with a Turquoise and Mother of Pearl mosaic top, hand-engraved backplate, headstock plate, pickup rings, bridge, tailpiece […]

Teye Guitars Emperor La India Azteca with Touareg Neck Inlay

Teye Electric Gypsy La India-Azteca The beautiful La India guitar with her Turquoise mosaic outline and engraved aluminum front plate and contrasting autumn-colored back is the guitar that started it […]

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