Daddy Mojo CBG 6-String Ouija Board Label


Not only do cigar box guitars have a great history, these handcrafted instruments are truly a joy to play! Each Daddy Mojo CBG has it’s own unique sound and personality; they are made by hand one at a time in our small workshop in Montreal, Canada. They’re small, portable and almost indestructible…and let’s face it, they look cool as hell and attract major attention!

The Daddy Mojo six string model features a maple neck (which is styled after the “old time” V neck profiles of the 1930’s), a rosewood fingerboard and vintage “sta-tite” Grover machine heads. It comes stock with a super fat sounding mini humbucker pick-up in the neck position as well as a single volume control knob. The string height can be adjusted low enough for it to be played exclusively as a finger style guitar.

$695.00 + shipping