Daddy Mojo CBG 6-String Resophonic


Not only do cigar box guitars have a great history, these handcrafted instruments are truly a joy to play! Each Daddy Mojo CBG has it’s own unique sound and personality; they are made by hand one at a time in our small workshop in Montreal, Canada. They’re small, portable and almost indestructible…and let’s face it, they look cool as hell and attract major attention!

Resophonic 6-String

The Resophonic features an Cedar sound box, hand carved Mahogany neck with adjustable trussrod, Rosewood fingerboard, slotted headstock, Grover tuning keys, hand tooled resonator cover plate, a tailpeice with punched out star detail, and a Quarterman 6 inch aluminum cone. This Resophonic has the optional “Bob Harrison” 1930’s Art Deco Rail pick-up (+$150.00) and finished in Aged Natural Cedar. All Resophonic models come with a custom Daddy Mojo hardshell case.


$1645.00 + shipping