• James Trussart Guitars
    James Trussart is one of the few builders who has broken the mold of traditional guitar making. Working with steel as the primary material, he produces guitars that are as unique in appearance as they are in tone.
  • Malinoski Guitars
    Making guitars one at a time, one-of-a-kind.
  • Rebel Guitars Facebook Page
    Go “Like” Rebel Guitars on Facebook for daily updates, sneak peak at builds in progress, recent trade-ins and more.
  • Rock N Roll Relics Guitars
    Rock N’ Roll Relics has been In business since 2005. We are all about building guitars that play great, sound great and look cool. All our guitars are hand-crafted and custom-built from the ground up. Each build is given detailed attention from start to f
  • Scala Guitars
    Scala Guitars, a place where we still believe that the art of creating the finest and best sounding instruments simply does not happen on a production line.
  • Spalt Instruments
    Straddling the line between art and utility, my instruments embrace both aspects fully. Although visual and sculptural elements play an obvious role, the basic approach common to these guitars as musical instruments is playability, tone and reliability.