M-tone Flatiron Custom

M-tone Flatiron Custom #0512-34
This is a sweet new one-of-a-kind custom shape M-tone Flatiron. It has a semi-hollow reclaimed fir body with a 16 gauge steel top. The fir was cut about 100 years ago and must have come out of a really old tree. From the center of the guitar to one edge, there are 89 dead straight growth rings. That means the tree only grew six and a half inches in 89 years. All those growth rings make this wood pretty hard and give it a nice ringing sustain, but it is fir so it will pick up some roadwear if you knock it around too much. The body has an oil and wax finish, so rub some wax into it once in a while. The more you play this guitar, the better it will look: the steel top will start to get buffed out where your arm and pick rub, and the patinated pickups will show great wear patterns right away.
There are a lot of tonal options available with two splitable Lollar Imperials and a Duncan Lipstick hooked up to a five-way switch. The single coil sound on the Lollars is very usable, and by adjusting the Lipstick you can decide if you want its levels more in line with the single coil sound or with the Humbuckers. You can play a real nice rhythm on the singles and then tap the volume control down for some powerful creamy overdrive. Once you start messing with all the possibilities, you might just have to call in sick to work for a few days.

Standard Features;

  • Hand-carved necks
  • Split-level headstock
  • String through the body design with steel or aluminum string plate
  • Jackbite™ shape shelters the input jack and works equally well with straight or angled plugs
    • Model: Flatiron Custom
    • Body: Oiled & Waxed Natural Fir & Steel Top
    • Neck Wood: Maple w/Rosewood Fretboard
    • Neck Dimensions: .846 at 1st, .895 at 12th
    • Trussrod: Two-Way
    • Nut: Bone
    • Position Markers: Aluminum
    • Radius: 12″
    • Scale: 25.5
    • Tuners: Hipshot Locking
    • Bridge: Hipshot
    • Pickups: Two Lollar Imperials & Seymour Duncan Lipstick
    • Controls: Volume w/Pull-up Coil Split, Tone & 5-way Pickup Selector
    • Electronics: CTS Pots, Switchcraft Jack
    • Tone Cap: Sprague Orange Drop
    • Finish: Oiled & Waxed
    • Color: Steel Top
    • Case: Hardshell

    $2500.00 + shipping