Preowned Carr Skylark 12-Watt Combo

Here is a preowned, home used only Carr Skylark 12-watt combo. The Carr Skylark is quite possibly the ultimate low-power American inspired guitar amplifier. It’s their nod to the much loved smaller 60’s amplifiers like the Fender Harvard. The guitar world has seen quite a resurgence in these lower wattage American voiced amps, not only because they sound great, but they deliver that saturated tube tone at manageable volumes.

The Carr Skylark also incorporates an extremely usable built in attenuator. When the attenuator is off, the amp supplies its full 12-watt output. When on, a control allows you to adjust between 0 to 1.2 watts. Why 1.2 watts? Trust us, 1.2 watts from this amp is louder than you might think. Typically, a 12 watt amp will provide cleans only at the lowest volumes. The Skylark delivers an impressive array of tones, including full, punchy cleans with a decent amount of headroom. As well, you can get a nice assortment of overdriven tones like blues, classic rock, and smooth, singing distorted leads.

Excellent condition. Sounds great! Shipping for this item is for the lower 48 States only.

  • Power: 12 Watts Full Attenuated 1.2 Watts to a Whisper
  • Construction: Handwired Point-to-Point in the USA
  • Components: Custom USA Made Transformers, Solen Fast Cap Film Power Supply, US-Made Jupiter & Mallory Signal Capacitors, Carbon Comp Resistors
  • Power: 12 Watts, Attenuated From 1.2 Watts to 0
  • Channels: One
  • Tubes: Two 12AX7, Two 12AT7, Two 6V6GT
  • Controls: Volume, Hi/Low Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Presence, Attenuator, Attenuator Toggle
  • Switches: Two Position Hi/Low Gain Switch, Attenuator In/Out, On/Off/Standby
  • Features: All-Tube Spring Reverb, Built-in Attenuator, 8-Ohm Speaker Out
  • Cabinet: Hand-Crafted From Solid Pine & Uniquely Styled
  • Speakers: Celestion A-Type 12″
  • Weight & Dimensions: 1×12″ Combo 21″ (W) x 15.5″ (H) x 9″ (D), 36lbs

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