Preowned Teuffel Guitar Tesla Classic 7-String


Here is a preowned Teuffel Tesla Classic 7-string in Charcoal. The basic construction is the same as the six string model. The concept of the short neck is unbeatable, especially when it’s about the low B-string. Clear powerful bass. This two-pickup model features a push button pickup selector above the low B string and the three “noise” buttons below the high E are; 60s Cycle Hum, Kill Switch, & Feedback. Neck is a Birdseye Maple with a neck-thru design with Red Alder wings. Weighs 6.5lbs. Coming from a private collection, this guitar was gently played and is in excellent condition. Sounds and plays amazing. Comes with the original hardshell case. Include with the guitar and case are wrench set, strap and strap locks.

Do you remember your first electric guitar? In the early days of electric guitar building, you had to struggle not only with the guitar itself, but also with the unwanted background noises that guitars produced in those days, for example, pickup feedback resulting from pickups not yet being wax-potted, or loud humming coming from a loose solder joint. Sometimes the guitar signal would be interrupted when you randomly touched a knob.
Nowadays all these effects have disappeared as a result of technical improvements, although they have become part of music history as archetypes of guitar sounds. They are comparable to sounds such as the scratching of records and skipping of CD’s, which have also become musical archetypes and are often cited in today’s music.
With the Tesla, Teufffel has designed a guitar that, along with modern guitars sounds, also has these primitive sounds at its disposal. Contact points and push-buttons are situated all over the body, which, when pressed, activate the respective sounds.


Tesla Classic
The Tesla Classic features two pickups and three noise buttons. All Tesla models have the new 2-way truss rod.

The Tesla has a through-neck made of old bird’s eye maple. In the zone where it crosses the body, the neck has two alder cap strips. Both body sides are made of American alder. The hardware is bolted on with hand polished stainless steel hex screws which lead into metal thread inserts. These bushings are exactly cut and glued into the guitar body.At the 7th fret the neck passes into the body. This makes the neck quite “short” and stiff. Low frequency resonances are supported by this construction. In the seven string version the sound of the low B string is unbeatably clear and powerful.The transition of the neck into the body is in the shape of a groove which allows comfortable access to the higher frets.

The neck pickup is a split coil on all Tesla models. It consists of two offset bobbins. One bobbin picks up the bass strings while the other picks up the treble strings. Since both bobbins are wound in reverse there is no hum. The sound of the pickup is very guttural, but much richer than a strat single coil tone.The same pickup is placed in the middle position on the studio and midi model. The bridge pickup is constructed in a classic way. Its sound is a lot hotter than the tone of a PAF. The magnets Teuffel uses are Alnico5 and Alnico8 types which were custom made according to his specifications. All components are made in his workshop and, of course, the bobbins are wound there, as well. Finally the pickups are sealed against microphonic feeback in a high vacuum chamber. The sealing substance which Teyffel uses for this has much less influence on the sound than wax would.All of the electric compartments are shielded to keep out magnetic and electric field interference. The shielding Teuffel uses is the same one that is used for premium CRT displays. After all, even the smallest static would be visible on the screen. The DC shielding resistance is less than 6 Ohms spread over the whole compartment.


    Guitar Dimensions:
    – Length: 770 mm (30.31 inches)
    – Width: 360 mm (14.17 inches)
    – Thickness: 55 mm (2.16 inches)
    Case Dimensions (including handles and wheels):
    – Length: 850 mm (33.46 inches)
    – Width: 415 mm (16.34 inches)
    – Thickness: 140 mm (5.51 inches)
    Scale lenght:
    – 650 mm (25.6 inches)
    – Sides from American Alder (Red Alder)
    – Throughneck Construction
    – Throughneck from Bird’s Eye Maple
    – Asymmetrically V-Shaped
    Neck Thickness:
    – 20.0 mm (0.79 inches) at the 1st Fret
    – 22.8 mm (0.90 inches) at 16th Fret
    Neck Width:
    – 43.4 mm (1.71 inches) at the Nut
    – 56.0 mm (2.20 inches) at the 22nd Fret
    Fretboard Radius:
    – 320 mm (12.6 inches)
    – Jim Dunlop #6105
    – 22 frets
    – 1 Humbucker Hot PAF Type Alnico8
    – 1 Split-Coil Vintage
    Guitar Weight:
    – 2,95 kg (6.5 lbs)

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