RS Guitarworks Rockabilly Jr Doubleneck

This special Rockabilly Jr Doubleneck has its standard 25.5″ scale on the lower neck, and a 30″ Bass 6 scale on the top. Finished in Red flake with a TV Jones Powertron for each neck.

Five way switch controls; All the way back is the guitar neck volume only, next is guitar neck through RS sweet cap, middle is both necks, next is the bass neck through a sweet cap (very cool think Cream-Strange Brew), and last bass only through it’s volume. The pots are Bass volume (front) and Guitar volume (rear).

  • Model: Rockabilly Jr Doubleneck
  • Condition: Played But Loved
  • Body: Ash
  • Neck Wood: Maple
  • Neck Shape: 63 C
  • Radius: 10″
  • Scale: 25.5, 30″
  • Frets: 6105
  • Tuners: TonePros Kluson
  • Bridge: RS/Glendale w/RS Compensated Saddles
  • Pickups: TV Jones Powertrons
  • Electronics: RS Superpot Vol, CRL Switch
  • Switchcraft Jack, RS Guitarcap
  • Switch: 5-way
  • Finish: Red Metalflake
  • Hardware: Aged Nickel
  • Case: Flight

$3495.00 + shipping