Preowned Teye Guitars Super Coyote in Shipwreck Red #20 of 40


Here is a like new Teye Guitars 2015 Limited Edition Super Coyote #20 of 40. The Super Coyotes features Teye’s new Mojo knob, Lollar pickups, new designed plates with new artwork, Shipwreck finished backs and new cases. This one comes in Shipwreck Red.

Mojo Control
The Mojo-knob is somewhat comparable to the old Mood-knob, does everything that the Mood knob did but in a noticeably sweeter manner, and… it does a lot more! It turns way further down that the Mood-knob ever did. The new MOJO-control requires parts made especially for Teye. One of these parts is a compound potentiometer that actually clicks itself very gently out of the circuit when going from 9.5 to 10…
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  • Model: Super Coyote
  • Top: Bound Flame Maple Top & Engraved Aluminum Front Plates
  • Finish: Shipwreck Red
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fretboard: Bound Ebony with 24 Frets & Teye Inlay
  • Tuners: Grover Imperial Super-Rotomatics
  • Pickups: Jason Lollar Imperials
  • Electronics: Teye’s Proprietary Circuitry, w/ Vol, Vol, Tone, & Mojo-Knob
  • Finish: Hand-Applied
  • Other: Machine Engraved Front Plates & Headstock Plate, Pickup Rings, Tailpiece
  • Case: SKB iSeries Waterproof