Preowned Teye Gypsy Queen La Estrella F-Series

The Gypsy Queen – a new model of Teye-guitar with bolt-on Maple neck, a rosewood fingerboard, and… many unusual features, described by one of our dealers as ‘typically Teye’, among which:
Four single-coil Jason Lollar pick-ups wired to Teye-electronics with master Volume, master Tone, and master Mood knob – the Mood again being somewhat of a secret weapon;
Upside-down headstock, emulating the Firebird, Jimi’s Strat, and the axiom found on jazz guitars that the bottom E-string should have longer free string length and the top e-string should have the shortest (just look at many a jazz tailpiece and you know what I mean);
A weirdly shaped body that gives this guitar maximum resonance and playing response;
24-fret 25.5-inch scale;
A visual presence that is – like all Teye-guitars – impossible to ignore, on- or off-stage.

In comparison with the Electric Gypsy guitars of the T, R, E, and A-series, the Gypsy Queen has more twang, like you’d expect. A little extra cutting power, but thanks to the Mood-knob and the four available coils also sufficient virtuoso-power for when the guitar solo arrives, without the need for external boost devices. Yes, the Electric Gypsy covers that single-coil vibe almost effortless, but if you desire the extra twang of a bolt-on Maple neck, the Gypsy Queen may just be your guitar of choice.
La Estrella, with a metal plate covering the entire body, and graphics more or less as shown. In Poplar, or Spanish Cedar body;

The Gypsy Queen comes equipped with a Wilkinson tremolo system, which is extremely good-sounding and stable.

Teye Gypsy Queen™ “La Estrella™ guitar specs:

  • Body: select Spanish Cedar
  • Neck: Select Maple
  • Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood with 24 frets, 25.5 inch scale, and the Teye-inlay in mother-of-pearl
  • Tuners: Grover mini Rotomatics
  • Pick-up: 4 Jason Lollar single-coils
  • Electronics: Teye’s proprietary circuitry, with master Volume, Tone, and Mood™-knobs
  • Tremolo: Trevor Wilkinson
  • Laser-engraved body and headstock plates
  • Hand-rubbed Oil finish
  • All-hand-made in Austin Texas

Teye Gypsy Queen La Estrella PT-F-11 Metaltop w/Shipwreck Finish