Teye T-Series 5 String Scallywag

This guitar is clearly built in honor of Keith Richards of the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World, who in 1969 had the genius of removing the bottom string from his guitar after learning the open tuning called Slack Key (D-G-D-g-b-d) from Ry Cooder in late ’68, all this of course according to rumor. You see, when you play in an open-G tuning and the sixth string is tuned to the V (harmonic fifth), it is simply in the way if you want to play driving rhythm guitar. You want the root note to be the first string you hit. As Keith himself calls the birth of That Sound, with him on the 5-string and Mick Taylor soaring over that: the Big New Sound. Which, in 1969 it clearly was. Remember those songs? Honky Tonk Women, Brown Sugar, Can’t you hear me knocking, Happy, Tumbling Dice and later on Start me Up? Those are all Keith Richards in open G on a 5-string. During 1969 Keith had been playing a 3-pickup Les Paul, a See-Thru Dan Armstrong, a Les Paul Standard and an Epiphone Casino simply with the 6th string removed (see the movies Gimme Shelter and Hyde Park). Then, in 1970, he met Ted Newman Jones III, who built him (for starters) two weird-looking actual 5-string guitars. And then, in 1975, Ron Wood, freshly anointed into the band, took Keith to see Tony Zemaitis, and Tony built an incredible 5-string-guitar for Keith, officially named the Macabre (altho Tony sometimes referred to it as the Childish, due to the pistol and mask inlays…) After that, the real 5-string fades from the Stones story and after that Keith mostly picks up a Telecaster-minus-one-string. All this is rumor, altho the photographs and bootleg recordings do to a certain extent corraborate all that is written here.

Up until now, a real 5-string guitar was only available as a custom-built guitar. It is with pride that Teye-guitars announces the first ever regular-production model 5-string guitar: the Scallywag 5-string:

To offer a 5-string in the regular catalog, you must be a little crazy. How many people want to pay a sizable amount just to have a 5-string guitar?
Well, I am a little crazy, and on top of that, a huge Stones-fan. My period of absolute thrill is still the Mick Taylor adventure. It was with Mick T (IMHO) that they found ‘their sound’. Stones 1963-1968 sound decidedly different (even from year to year), and then 1969-1974 is basically the advent of the sledgehammer sound, and really, minus Mick T’s guitar solos, this still is their sound to this day…
I recall sitting in the car with my father, waiting for my mother, sister, and aunt to come out of a store, this is in June 1969, and the Stones new single Honky Tonk Women comes on the radio. My father and I, who had been huge Beatles fans ever since She Loves You (yeah yeah yeah!) came out when I was in kindergarten ! (my father turned me on to the Beatles, how cool is that) and awaiting every one of their new records with anticipation,turned to each other and agreed: this time the Stones have definitely trumped the Beatles! This is 1969, and I recall it as if it was yesterday. This is also when my life started to turn to shambles. I was 11 at the time, and the rot started setting in slowly: instead of choosing the path of engineer like my father wanted, or lawyer like my mother wanted, I became a professional musician… So Keith R and Mick T, in a way it’s all your fault
The Teye-guitars 5-string guitar: for all those who are similarly affected, and insist on having that true Keith-groove available in their guitar-rack…

  • Faceplate: Aluminum
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fretboard: Bound Ebony with 24 Frets & Teye Inlay
  • Tuners: Grover Imperial Super-Rotomatics
  • Pickup: DiMarzio 5-String Blade
  • Electronics: Teye’s Proprietary Circuitry, with Master Volume, Tone, & Môd-Knobs
  • Finish: Shipwreck
  • Finish Type: Hand-Rubbed Luthier Oil
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • New Teye S/T Hardshell Case Included
  • Thru-and-Thru Engraved Body & Truss Cover Plates
  • All-hand-made in Austin Texas

$3600.00 + shipping